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Become a Dealer Here


Arthur Green’s Antiques Centre is run by the owner, Madeline, and a group of about a dozen other friendly Dealers.

To sell your items in the shop you need to first rent the fitting that best suits your requirements and then work in the shop, with one of the other members of staff, for a given period every month by flexible rota which is agreed in advance each month. There is no commission; all proceeds from the sale of your items come to you within a few days of the end of each month. Only 4 weeks’ notice is required to end the agreement, if you find that it doesn’t suit you.

Prices start from £10 plus one day’s (or two half-day’s) work in the shop per month for a Drawer (these Victorian Outfitter's Drawers are very tall and deep!), ranging up to £150 plus 3 days (or 6 half-days) per month for a Display unit in the window. In between these amounts, there are also available Shelves, internal Display Cabinets and Cupboards etc etc for rental at costs varying according to their size and location. More details will be added to the website in December but why wait? MOre informat

All items exhibited for sale must be pre-1970 but currently, books, vinyl records and CDs cannot be sold, as exclusive arrangements for these two groups of products have been made with existing dealers.

Drawers, Shelves, Display Cabinets, Cupboards and Window Displays are all currently available to new Dealers after agreement. If you are interested, please contact Madeline at

Arthur Green’s Antiques Centre

34 White Rock,



TN34 1JY

Tel: 01424 439372

. . . or come in for a chat (arranged with Madeline in advance to ensure she is on rota that day!) and she can show you what is available and give you a copy of the Dealers’ Agreement for you to take home and read before committing yourself to anything.


Arthur Green’s Antiques Centre, 34 White Rock, Seafront, HASTINGS TN34 1JY   Tel: 01424 439372

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